Approaching Conflicts
Contexts, Perspectives, and Values in Israel Education

Discussion #3: Social Media and Conflict

Toolkit Discussion Guide
  • What role does social media play in war?

  • Should we be getting our news from social media? How accurate is it?

In recent wars and conflicts, we have been introduced to the “embedded reporter,” a reporter who joins a unit and experiences the war first-hand. S/he then goes to report on the war as an eyewitness. It is one recent attempt to keep us informed in a new and creative way. Social media can do two things for us. On the one hand, it can give us instant access to the news. We no longer need to wait for a newspaper to be published or to watch the six o’clock news. We now have close to immediate access to news. Additionally, social media can give us a front row seat to the action. As soon as someone snaps a picture it can be instantaneously shared around the world.

As always, the concern with social media is the objectivity of the person reporting the news who may not be a journalist or reporter, along with the veracity of what they are reporting. There are no guidelines if you are posting to your Instagram account.