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According to a senior IDF officer, Israel has stopped providing medical treatment to members of Syria's Nusra Front, an extremist Syrian rebel group. The change in policy takes place after complaints from some members of the Israeli Druze community who claimed that the IDF was assisting the Al-Nusra Front.
According to an activist who works on behalf of Palestinian prisoners in Israel, as of July 17, 2015, Israel and Hamas were in conversation about a new prisoner-exchange, but a consensus no longer appears to be immiment. This article explains that Israel seeks the return of two soldiers killed in Gaza during the 2014 war and possibly two others who entered Gaza and are believed to be alive. In exchange, Hamas requests the release of prisoners recaptured after the 2011 prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit.
On July 19, 2015, suspected killers of Malachi Rosenfeld, a 26-year old Israeli who was murdered in the West Bank on June 29, 2015, were captured.
In an interview with Etgar Keret on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, released June 16, 2015, Gross explores numerous personal subjects that relate to Keret's memoir, The Seven Good Years, the time between the birth of his son and the loss of his father. The interview includes anecdotes on Keret becoming a father, growing up as the child of Holocaust survivors, the stories his parents would tell him, experiences in the IDF, relating to his Orthodox sister, and his love for nonfiction writing.  
The NY Times Sunday Book review featured Etgar Keret after the release of his book, The Seven Good Years: A Memoir. Published on July 9, 2015, the article provides insights into Etgar Keret as a writer, reader, Israeli, former IDF soldier, and peace seeker.  
This article, written by Mitch Ginsburg for The Times of Israel and published on December 28, 2014, outlines the desire of Israel's air force to attract more women to fly planes.
This piece, which appeared on the IDF blog on 7/3/2011, details the role of women in the pre-state and early state years.
This article, written by Lauren Gelfond Feldinger for the Jerusalem Post and published on 9/18/2008, provides a history of women in the Israeli army both pre-State and in modern times.
Tom Ashbrook, a radio host of On Point on National Public Radio, comments on the conflict in Gaza that took place in the summer of 2014, emphasizing that "The battle over Gaza, Hamas, and Israel is not only played out in bomb shelters and obliterated streets. More than ever this time, it is playing out in social media all over the world. Twitter feeds, Facebook, YouTube – all full of images and emotion from both sides. A torrent of instant reports and reactions to terrible scenes of fear and suffering. From reporters, governments, militaries – and lots of civilians."