Approaching Conflicts
Contexts, Perspectives, and Values in Israel Education

Educational Resources

A post from Buzzfeed provides insight into the situation at Ziv Hospital.
Matti Friedman, a former reporter in the Jerusalem bureau of the Associated Press, writes a powerful overview on the media’s relationship with Israel.
An interesting way to teach about breaking news. Challenge your students to do a daily news roundup using only twitter feeds. Guidance comes from this Mashable article on the 10 Must-Follow Breaking News Accounts on Twitter.
Social media is fast becoming one of the main destinations for news online. An infographic created by the University of Florida Online, explores the evolution of the news industry and the way news is consumed.
An article by Dan Brown in eJewish Philanthropy about the Tzeva Adom Song.
An organization that has developed a soccer (called “football” in the video) program to help children with PTSD.
Data collected in rocket-battered town reveals 45% of children under age six exhibit symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. More than one-third of parents also affected.
Huffington Post’s article on the resilience of the children who survived the shooting at Sandy Hook.