Approaching Conflicts
Contexts, Perspectives, and Values in Israel Education


Originally publish in Hebrew in Ma’ariv, on January 25, 2009. Translated to English by the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA).



When Yehudit Grisaro says "I am not Wonder Woman," she speaks in a gravelly, deliberate voice. This might be because English is not her first language.

This article, written by Mitch Ginsberg and published in The Times of Israel on May 5th 2014, provides "a look at how the national military cemetery was founded, how it has changed, and how its staff strives daily to ease the unending pain of the bereaved." Ginsberg offers insight into

The IDF's Code of Ethics is available from the IDF's website. A longer version is part of the appendix of The Spirit of the IDF.

IDF Mission